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Japanese Expat - Sales IT

Japanese Expat - Sales IT

Location: Hanoi
Salaries: Up to $2000
Deadline: 2024-03-31 Hết Hạn

1. Job Description:

  • Sales representative for development of Mobile/Web/Game Apps to our clients.
  • Contact/approach/visit customers to introduce company products
  • Conducting market research to identify potential customers and market trends.
  • Negotiating and persuading potential clients to engage with our company.
  • Make quotations & take orders and follow up payments.
  • Make and submit monthly/quarterly forecasts and sales plans.
  • Provide support for marketing activities in the Japanese market.

REPORT TO : Manager/ CEO

WORK WITH : Vietnamese developers/Vietnamese sales/ Japanese client

2. Job Requirements:

  • Japanese nationality
  • Understanding of Vietnamese culture, Experience in the IT industry
  • Strong soft skills, including confidence in communication, negotiation, presentation, and persuasion.
  • Ability to self-learn and thrive in challenging tasks.
  • Flexibility, sharpness, and a dedicated work ethic.

3. Benefits:

3.1. Human Resource Development Policy

Developing high-quality human resources is a top priority at Newwave Solutions. Therefore, we continuously build and improve policies to attract, nurture, and reward talents such as:

  • With a strong learning culture, Newwave regularly organizes internal training courses or sends personnel for training at reputable institutions to enhance both professional and soft skills.
  • There are welfare and benefit regulations for employees to increase their attachment to the company, creating conditions for employees to focus on work and dedication.
  • Clear and transparent salary and bonus mechanism.
  • Regularly organizes events to take care of employees' material and spiritual life on holidays, Tet, or important events (company anniversary, team-building, summer trips…).

3.2. Promotion Opportunities

Joining Newwave Solutions, candidates have the opportunity to:

  • Work in a young, transparent environment with clear advancement opportunities.
  • Be provided with maximum conditions to develop personal, collective, and work productivity.

3.3. Remuneration Package

  • Salary negotiated based on competency: Up to $2,000 + Commission
  • 13th-month salary, performance-based bonuses based on the company's business situation, individual performance bonuses, internal referral bonuses, ...
  • Probation period: Receive 100% of the salary.
  • Enjoy social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance under state regulations.
  • Premium health insurance for all employees.
  • Seniority policy.
  • Annual health check-ups.
  • Performance review: Twice a year.
  • Annual trips, team-building events.
  • Participate in company clubs: Football Club, Game Clubs, Badminton Club, Media...
  • Tet gifts, company birthday gifts, new employee welcome gifts, holiday gifts...


  • Participate in free in-house classes at the company with experienced instructors.
  • Support when participating in external training courses.
  • Policy to support learning, exchanging, and sharing knowledge.
  • Working hours: 5 days/week. From Monday to Friday, weekends, and holidays off.
  • Flexible working hours: 8 hours/day, can start between 8:30 - 9:00 and finish between 17:30 - 18:00.

4. How to apply

Candidates submit 1 CV in Japanese and 1 CV in English.